Mobiles by Julie Frith
Mobiles by Julie Frith : Frithmobiles
Modern Hanging Art Mobiles and Stabiles for Home, Office, Garden and Baby

Colors and Materials


I can make any of my mobile designs in these materials, EVA foam, birch plywood, brushed aluminum, or colored plastics. On the right is my inventory of colors and materials. The top selection is my solid color plastics that I have available. The bottom colors are my EVA foam colors. I do run out of plastics...once in a while.... so please ask before ordering custom colors. When choosing colors please keep in mind all computers see colors diferently.  The best way to see my colors is with a PMS chip chart ... most paint and art stores have these.  The numbers correlate with the PMS #s.  I also can make any design in metal or birch plywood.  My plastics are all sanded and polished on the edges, the face is a flat/semi flat surface. The wood and metals. I do not paint on them, they are straight aluminum sheeting and plain unstained wood, but always sanded and finished beautifully.  So if you need any help, email me! I can mock up any design with the colors you like.

Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith
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