About Collecting Art

There are many different styles, and designs to choose from.  Start with just a few, then try coloring them, and go from there. Think of the size, your space needing a mobile or stabile, and the feeling you get when you see photos of the art you like.  Deciding is always hard when there are so many to choose from.  Just because you like a couple, buy one now and get one next year. An art collector gets their collections over time. You can too!

See my Client Photos for fun design ideas.


Baby Mobiles

Mobiles are fun, they add art and color to a modern nursery.Your baby will love a mobile to entertain his/her eyes for hours on end.  Calming them down, stimulating thought and creativity. Many designs to choose from and in all colors ... (babies do see all colors in about 4 months time). They'll grow up with their mobile, and even take this baby mobile to college! All baby mobiles are made with eco-friendly safe plastics, and are made to last a lifetime.

Where to hang
"Where to Hang a Mobile

Custom Mobiles

I really enjoy making custom mobiles for clients. Each mobile is an original piece handmade at the time of the order. The best way to give me direction is... I need the approx. room space size, and the height of the room. Other things to consider would be, lighting, room decor, furniture style, art on walls, colors around the area. Please email me a photo of the space needing the mobile. I love to take a photo and place a mobile to fit (see "ideas"). I also can give you mockups other than the ones shown on my site. Like I say...just ask, I'll see if I can do it!

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Mobiles by Julie Frith