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Salut Julie,
Yesterday we received your super mobile !!! I wanted to thank you for your perfect art piece, your quick delivery and your uncomplicated way of ordering and payment. It was a present for my boyfriends birthday and he is even more happy than me. It is totally beautiful and special. I think it is not the last one we order.
Thank you very much,
beste wishes from Switzerland to California

Hi Julie,
I appreciate your quick reply. About thirteen years ago, I purchased one of your beautiful mobiles which still hangs from the high ceiling in my home. Many happy gatherings and recording sessions have taken place under that mobile. Still beautiful after many years...I'm so glad to read about your success and wonderful work!
Las Vegas, NV

I got a notice from Etsy and Ebay, from the Calder Foundation, asking me to stop stating Calder's name as a "style of art" on my listings. The notice said "The Calder Foundation is holder of all intellectual property rights belonging to the late artist, Alexander Calder, worldwide. CALDER is a registered trademark of the Calder Foundation. "Example: "Art Mobile Lustron Large Modern Calder styled Decor for Home Office Stairwell" ... so I have changed my listing titles to reflect my ideas of MY artwork, and not using the name Calder ... "Hanging Modern Art Sculpture for Home Office and Baby".  I received this letter later.

Dear Julie,
I understand you share our love of Calder's work and I guarantee you my list of infringements is much longer than yours. It's something I work on every single day. To be clear, a decision was made many years ago to not be aggressive toward people who emulate Calder's genius and use the word mobile. The more successful ones such as yourself who have begun to develop their own vocabulary are able to engage in business and promote their works without using the name Calder.
Katherine Cohn, Calder Foundation/

The photo looks great on your site. I'll keep you bookmarked in case I get into another of my decorating phases. You do wonderful work, and it always reminds me of a favorite spot. The Calder room at The National Gallery is one of my favorite art museum stops. They have benches where we can just sit and watch their subtle shape changes and watch the shadows move along the wall. There is also an upper level staircase where you can look down on them. It's quite a beautiful little space.I think that mobiles give us the chance to allow the world to slow down for a few minutes. Watching their slow, meticulous movement gives me a break from all the things that make me move around so quickly. Great art should always contribute something or inspire a feeling. Otherwise it's just pointless. They are a purposeful part of my home, and if you saw my place you'd know that I don't spend money on nick-knacks or other pointless decorations.
West Deptford, NJ

These mobiles are beyond beautiful-- I have had one of Julie's mobiles for more than 4 years and I treasure it. It hangs in my small house where I can see it from most rooms. I bought this lovely mobile as a housewarming gift for a friend who has declared it "beautiful". Indeed it is. Also, the best possible customer service during the sale, thank you!

JULIE! I am still FREAKING OUT over my mobile (Abstract) ... I hung it straight over my bed and am like a kid again enjoying the wonderment of movement and composition... it is like food for my little artist soul. Thank you for making the beautiful things you make.... you will see me again my friend! Absolutely thrilled!
Jackson, WY

Hello, Julie, The Simplexus--X L--custom color mobile # 4, arrived here exactly when you said it would,--but there was a snag here at this end. The man that was going to hang it up for me had his truck stolen,--and the thief ran away from it when he crashed and damaged the front end. This happened in Tahoe,-where he was at the time,--luckily, it was found and taken to a repair shop,--where it was for over a week. All is well now. The truck is fixed. He then came here -with his young assistant,-unpacked the mobile,-set up his big ladder,--and hung up the mobile. And when it done,--and he was once more back down on the floor,--we all stood back,--looked up,- and watched. The heat was on,--there were gentle air currents,--and the mobile slowly came alive and proceeded to dazzle us with it's exquisite aerial ballet,-the paddles leisurely dipping and rising as they passed over and under each other doing this delightful and charming dance for us. We were all completely enchanted!! Lots of "O-O-O-s and " AH-AH-AH's !!! I'm sorry to be so late with my thank-you,--but you'll understand why--now. Again,--thank you so much for designing this mobile,--and lucky me being able to find it ! My very best best to you ,--and your wonderful Company.
Prunedale, CA

We love our mobile. We have had lots of company the past two days and everyone has commented on it. It is hanging in an interior window on the second floor in the room that is my office--if you look over the window ledge you are looking down on our living room so there are several different ways of viewing your art piece. I'm attaching some photos. Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted.
St. Paul, MN

Dear Julie, My friend LOVED the mobile. Her first comments were " Oh my, that's beautiful. It's in the style of Calder!" (She knows her stuff) She has told me since that this baby present might end up being Mummy's present! Anyway I am also thrilled it has been such a success. Thanks for doing everything so promptly and efficiently to make it possible. Hope to do business again
Buckinghamshire, England

Dear Julie, the mobile I bought from you was a present to my wife for Christmas (it has been a long-held wish of hers to have a Miro-inspired mobile) - we opened it yesterday. She and I am delighted with it. many thanks. The whole experience of buying the mobile from you on the other side of the planet has been easy and wonderful. I hope you received a present as beautiful this Christmas as the mobile you sold to us.
Kilkeny, Ireland

Hi Julie…..hope all is well! I am sending you a photo of the mobile (Silhouette) you made for my son Nathan’s room. He absolutely loves it and he looks at it all the time. We can tell he enjoys it and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with you…..
Scottsdale, AZ

Julie, Your work is elegant and thought provoking. As a kinetic hobbiest I appreciate your gentle flow in composition.Would you ever have the opportunity to use post consumer materials as elements in your mobiles? Promoting sustainability is part of my new job description. One of your Mobius pieces would work well in my office space.Thanks for your consideration.
Kingsport, TN

Julie's response, Thank you for writing. I got to tell you, years ago I made all my mobiles and stabiles out of recycled materials. But now with my custom coloring options, it makes it virtually impossible to do that. That being said, I'd also like you to know I can make you a mobile, any design with recycled materials. NO problem!!! I'd love to do it. For years I worked at a "mall" as their visual merchandiser doing all the displays. I saw so many materials being wasted and throw away, I decided to make art out of it. Most of it was plastic. And that's how I started using plastics in the first place. Now all my mobiles are made out of high quality lead free plastics with no cadmium or barium, made in Germany. 

They were amazing (17 Animo stabiles given as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize awards at the 1st Mid-America Design Awards Ceremony April 11, 2008, at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City) and we had so much positive feedback from many of the awardees....and emails saying Wow! These are the most unique award they ever received and how special they were. Additionally right before they started passing out the awards...we told the audience they were handcrafted especially for this event by Julie Frith, an artist in California.
Kansas City, Kansas

I now have your mobile!! My Dad found it in Mid Calder post office, and brought it into the hospital for me. Just home now, and first thing I did was had a look. It looks fantastic. I had high expectations, but it looks even better than I imagined!
Livingston, Scotland

I just received the mobile today ( Modernist ), and it has already found its place here in our new house. It is so beautiful and I will treasure it forever. Thank you so much for your work.
Århus, Danmark

Letter from recipient of gift.
Just got your birthday present. (Lil'Swinger) It's perfect! I absolutely love mobiles - kinetic sculptures in great colors (speaking of which, black/red/ white - my favorites!). You know me well. This Julie Frith mobile is just wonderful. It's Alexander Calder meets Tim Burton (it could have been a prop from Beetlejuice; I can picture it walking across the table). There is an art to gift giving. And your gift is a masterpiece. It makes me smile every time I look at it (like now). Thank you both so very very much for the happy art.
Gift f rom Chicago to Pittsburgh, PA

We got the stabile today. It's wonderful. I got it as a gift for my husband's birthday and he is delighted with it.
Thank you, so much! It is just as I hoped it would be!
East Greenwich, RI

It got here fine and we installed it Saturday. It is spectacular! It meets all of our expectations and then some, you did it! I didn’t realize that it would constantly move and that is one of the incredible things about it, always changing. I love the size, color, shapes etc…We (I mean you) got it right! Thanks so much for your patience with a demanding and difficult client. I will send pictures, be sure to come and see it when/if you come to Albuquerque.
Albuquerque, NM

THANK YOU. It arrived Tue. and is perfect. It is on the same wall opposite my original. With open windows and vents they are nearly always in motion- mesmerizing! Beats the hell out of a hanging plant- and no maintenance.You are a wonderful artist.
Burbank, CA

I just wanted to drop you a line to show you how much my now 6 months old son loves his mobile (Mobius) (Client Photos). Other people that I know got their children a typical fisher-price model or similar...and their babies have lost interest. He has been interested in his since the day I put it above his crib and seems to love it more and more each day!  Beautiful, beautiful designs!!!!! thank you
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I received your mobile (Mobius) the other day. I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with it.
It’s never too early to introduce good design to a baby!
Gillette, NJ

With so much going on, I completely forgot to email you last week! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful mobile (Eliptusmobius) !!!!!!!  I will send some pictures of the nursery as soon as it is done. There’s few more things we need to do before showing the nursery but I will definitely send pics. We love it so much and THANK YOU for sharing your artistic talents with the world:)
Porter Ranch, CA

It was interesting to see you on Thank you for adding me. I am always fascinated by your creations. Hopefully soon, I will be able to purchase a mobile from you. It seems that some kind of expense arises, and pleasure material seems to go by the way side. I could not resist the sale on that (OOAK) stabile though. Not sure if it will be for home, or for work. Thanx, as always :-)
Glenville, NY

I logged onto your website this weekend and was really moved in seeing my custom Amino photo (Animo - Client Photos) incorporated into your web site, you did a wonderful job with it, it just looks great, and I am feeling happy with it, and I hope you are too!
Birmingham, MI

The mobile (OOAK) was delivered yesterday, and I am so pleased with it! You did a great job capturing the whimsical nature of the bedspread, and it is very well made.Thanks again.
Alexandria, VA

I wanted to tell you how happy I have been with your Doppler mobile. I received it as a gift for Christmas from my parents. I will be able to send you some pictures of the mobile in my space a bit later. It looks great! It is exactly what I needed for my space. Thanks. I now try to implement a mobile into all of my clients interiors. Some take it, some don't. My girlfriend from college is having a baby and she is up for the not traditional baby room. I told her we must have a mobile! I knew exactly where to come.
Alexandria, VA

Hi, Julie. FedEx just stopped by with the stabile (Mobo-Circo). It looks fantastic! Better than I could have imagined from the photo in your catalog. Thank you for taking the time and effort to pack it so carefully. I hope to be back with you soon about a mobile!
Gainsville, F

Julie, we received the mobile (Mobius - Client Photos) yesterday. It is fantastic! It looks great in the baby's room and will look great in any room in the future. We look forward to adding another of your mobiles to our home. Thanks again.
Brentwood, MI

Got the mobile (OOAK). Looks great! You do really excellent work, its thoughtful, complete and professional while remaining whimsical, right down to the set up kit. Very nice touch with the Certificate of Authenticity. Kudos to you.   Thanks again look forward to future dealings.
Mahtomedi, MN

I just wanted to let you know that we've hung the mobiles (Megamo & Lustron), and they look great! They match our office perfectly! Thanks again!
Phoenix, AZ

Received the mobile today (Lustron), and it's a real beauty. Thanks for your concern and congratulations again on your work.
Toronto, Canada

I picked up the mobile at the p.o. on the way to my mom's last Friday. Well, it safe to say your record of no returns is definitely intact, I must have heard my mom say "I love it!,,.,it's perfect!" about ten times. She,(and I for that matter), were very very impressed with it. I had to buy a larger eyelet screw, because my mom's apt. has that lovely cottage cheese ceiling, and it was thick. I couldn't find a floor joist, so I used a plastic drywall insert/anchor and that work great. Anyway thanks again for getting it to me in time, I earned big brownie points for that gift.
Goleta, CA

Today I got it and installed it at once it is a dream - so well done and beautiful I thank you very much its a perfect addition to my living room (improvement of my living condition)
San Francisco, CA

I love it! It'll look great in my living room. Thanks so much. We had a little snowstorm that kept me from getting to the post office last Saturday, but it was worth the wait.
Mantua, NJ

At looking at your mobiles on your website, I thought they looked well constructed. But one never knows. When I received the Aerial mobile, I was very impressed with the quality of construction. I cannot believe that you do not use jigs, but bend everything by hand. Very impressive!
Westford, MA

My wife's mobile arrived. Wow, does it make an improvement in her office! Thanks again. She's putting your card on the wall behind it, so that admirers can see where they'd get one.
Wauwatosa, WI

The mobile was the perfect addition to my new office and I have received many compliments on your artisanship.
Spokane, WA

I've been meaning to e-mail you for days and days now, but as usual, life seems to get in the way. The package arived safe and sound and ever since I hung the mobile I can't stop staring at it! I've had some friends visit and they just love it. Thank you so much...I will take a pic of it if you want to add to your web site of customer pics.
New Paltz, NY

We received the Lustron Mobile we ordered -- and I have to say it is wonderful. I had not idea it would be so animated! It's cold here, so there are no windows open, or any detectable breeze really, and it seems to have a secret energy source -- truly delightful. Thanks!
Chicago, IL

Julie, We have it hung - (Olympus 6x8 - Client Photos) - Wonderful!!!
Camarillo, CA

I got the stabile last Saturday - I love it!! It's beautiful! Thank you very much for taking such care with creating the Tempo (and such care with packing it up for shipping too).
Sterling, VA

The mobile arrived perfectly fine! It's unbelieveable! i LOVE it. I came home on my lunch break so I could hang it! I was soooo excited and ready to open the box and display it, it wasn't even funny! haha Anyway, I love it. Thank you!
Macon, GA

My wife and I searched for a piece of art to go in a small recessed area in our family room, doing a lot of research (both online and in local stores and galleries). Decided we didn't want a two-dimensional piece in that space and thought a mobile might be the answer. Of course, we had a difficult time deciding on which mobile (and which artist). After emailing you for suggestions, and receiving a very prompt reply, we chose your Multius. You were extremely customer-friendly throughout; acknowledging the order, sending shipping/tracking info, etc. Thanks, we couldn't be happier with our purchase.
Fort Worth, TX

JUJUMO ( Client Photos) IS FABULOUS! I had my contractor hang it up even though we still have to paint, etc...because I just couldn't wait. It exceeded my expectations and absolutely completes the room. I'll send pictures soon. You're brilliant!
Westport, CT

I wanted to tell you that we really enjoy our Lustron. It hangs in the center of activity in our home. I especially like its dynamic quality - it seems to be in constant slow motion with the air currents in the house. It is exactly what I expected. Thank you.
Edina, MN

I bought a mobile from you a while back via Ebay and corresponded enough with you to find out about and subsequently buy and download your music. I just wanted to write again and tell you how much i enjoy it. Music For Restaurants Part 2 continues to grow on me! Thanks again!
Belmont, CA

First, let me say that I had the hardest time choosing only one of your mobiles. They were all so gorgeous and original! Ultimately, I had to choose one, and I decided upon the Allure model. The singularity of the circular piece on the end was attractive, as was the organic feel of the work. Anyway, I would like one.
Granville, OH

Your work is extraordinary.
Dobbs Ferry, NY

I've received and installed my new mobile and couldn't be happier. It's beautiful and is the perfect addition to my home! Thanks again!
Woodland Hills, CA

Mobo-Circo arrived this morning, and I am extremely pleased. Several details not apparent from the website photo catch my attention: the particular shade of blue that is just right for contrast with the black, the matte finish on all surfaces, and the edge detailing, with some edges convex and others straight, are all very effective. The first of my students who saw it stopped midsentence to ask about it. The air conditioning vents provide for some movementÑall just as I had hoped, and in regard to the details I mention, more than I had hoped. Thank you for your inspired work.
Los Angeles, CA

I got it yesterday (Steel & Petals) and couldn't wait for my husband's birthday to give it to him. He loved it.
Bethesda, MAlass="grey">Julie, my wife and I love your work. And your web site is great--it's actually easy to use in addition to showing your work.
Morgantown, WVHi, we got the mobile and it arrived in perfect condition. Boy does it look good next to our Miro tapestry. Warm Regards.
Kensington, MDThank you so much for squeezing in these orders (Christmas). Seeing the beauty & variety of your pieces- I can't even imagine how busy you must be right now, so again thank you.
New York, NY

Your mobiles are truly fantastic. I grew up in Marin County (Fairfax) and am thrilled that you are from a similar (in mind set) place in California. I've only been to Humboldt County a few times but found myself right at home - such a beautiful place! My dad is an architect and has always marveled at mobiles - mostly the enormous ones in museums. He used to build these incredible paper kites. I'm going to get him one of your mobiles for his Birthday/Christmas.
Atlanta, GA The two mobiles have arrived and upon coming out of the box, they recieved many "oh's" and "ah's". They are gorgeous! Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Portland, OR

I just got the sculpture this morning. Very beautiful. A good new addition in my art collection. Thank you for your talent. You should have been more widely recognized by art collectors around the world. And you should be deserved for a more expensive prices of every unique sculpture you create. I mean, if I bought a comparable piece to "Stabo" from another artist, the price would be no less than $500. Again, thanks for your wonderful stabile sculpture and your talent.
San Jose, CA

What beautiful mobiles! My wife is a Calder fan. I know she's going to love this anniversary gift.
Wauwatosa, WI

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