Mobiles by Julie Frith
Mobiles by Julie Frith : Frithmobiles
Modern Hanging Art Mobiles and Stabiles for Home, Office, Garden and Baby

Baby size

approx. 1 - 3 feet

Mobiles are fun, they add art and color to a modern nursery. Your baby will love a mobile to entertain his/her eyes for hours on end.  Calming them down, stimulating thought and creativity. Many designs to choose from and in all colors ... (babies do see all colors in about 4 months time). They'll grow up with their mobile, and even take this baby mobile to college! All baby mobiles are made with eco-friendly safe plastics, and are made to last a lifetime.

Where to hang
"Where to Hang a Mobile."


Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith
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