Mobiles by Julie Frith
Mobiles by Julie Frith : Frithmobiles
Modern Hanging Art Mobiles and Stabiles for Home, Office, Garden and Baby


These are my plywood mobiles, perfect for the nursery!!  I started making these mobiles for one of my shops on Etsy. www.plymobiles.etsy.comThe plywood is a birch wood, and is sanded and left beautifully unpainted, no oils or finishes, but all natural.

NOTE: I am now making it possible to do ANY mobile or stabile design in Birch Plywood. ANY, like Lustron, Simplexus, ANY, just email me!  The price will be the same as listed.... but in wood.

Safety note: Please always hang mobiles out of child's reach. These are not toys, but art to look and blow at.

NEW!!  These are my wood mobiles.  Made of birch plywood for petals and stainless steel bars. 
I can also do ANY of the regular design mobiles and stabiles in wood, just ask.

Click each photo for a LARGER view.

Earth mobile
Jupiter  25"W x 13"H  $100

Earth mobile

Wind mobile

Sun mobile
Earth  18"W x 14"H  $65
Wind  28"W x 8"H  $75
Sun   17"W x 15"H  $65

Earth mobile

Fire mobile

Prismo mobile
Rain  21"W x 28"H  $75
Fire  20"W x 14"H  $65
Sprigs   24"W x 14"H  $100

SunE2 mobile

Eclipse mobile

Prismo mobile
SunE2  30"W x 22"H  $120
Eclipe  21"W x 13"H  $100
Plymobius   13"W x 17"H  $100

Call to order 707-443-5366 I accept Visa, Mastercrd, American Express, and Discover Cards


Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith
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