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Mobius Mobile

A beautiful mobile with organic shaped petals, some with holes. All at angles, tilted for  fun underneath views.  Babies love this mobile, lots of great comments from my clients.  See Comments. Many petals to colorize and match to your room's decor.  Or go all white, clean and elegant. If hanging above a crib, please hang out of child's reach. Your baby will love the mobile, and will never out grow it.

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All mobiles and stabiles are handmade of colored plastic and stainless steel. Each mobile or stabile comes with a certificate of authenticity, catalog, hanging instructions, line and hooks.


Medium   20"Wx20"H 

US*Ship $28

Large   28"Wx33"H 

US*Ship $32

XLarge  38"Wx40"H 

US*Ship $40

XXLarge  73"Wx78"H 

US*Ship $100

YouTube Video: Mobius Mobile in Motion!

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Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith
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