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Modern Hanging Art Mobiles and Stabiles for Home, Office, Garden and Baby
ML / Large size

approx. 2 - 4 feet

This size mobile is a nice addition to any room, home or office.They look great hanging from the center of a skylight, above a stairwell, even hung outside.  You may want to go bigger or smaller, all depends on the size of the area. These mobiles need at least a 9' ceiling or higher. Tell me about the space needing a mobile, and I can mockup a photo to show you all the fun possibilities.

8 (or 9) Planets Mobile

Glows in the dark!

Aerial Doppler i-Mod Silhouette Mobius Modernist Jujumo Bluefish Multius Re-Mo Lustron Steel & Petals Prismo Allure
Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith
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